a journal of modern society & culture

volume three - issue four


Special Issue: Election 2004


Major Owens   The Future of the Democrats
Mark Seddon   Tony Blair: America's Friend

Critical Voices

Conversations on American Politics and Culture with:
Benjamin R. Barber
Frances Fox Piven
Cornel West

Allen Ginsberg: "Open Letter Sept. 30, 1972"
Anne Waldman: "Bury the Skull of a Yak"
From "The Protest Diaries"
Wanda Coleman: "The War of Wars"
Eliot Katz:
Three Poems

Books and Ideas
Bush on the Couch, by Justin Frank
reviewed by Lauren Langman
How Class Works, by Stanley Aronowitz
reviewed by Eric J. Weiner

The President of Good and Evil, by Peter Singer
reviewed by Richard Couto
Arguing about War, by Michael Walzer
reviewed by Ori Lev
Two Books on American Politics
reviewed by Geoffrey Kurtz

Logosonline 2004
fall 2004

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