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volume four - issue two


New Perspectives on Animal Rights

Paola Cavalieri   Are Human Rights Human?
David DeGrazia   Regarding the Last Frontier of Bigotry
Rod Preece   Animal Rights Advocacy - Right Ethics, Wrong Target
Charles Patterson   Animals, Slavery and the Holocaust

Latin America and the U.S.

J. Patrice McSherry   The Undead Ghost of Operation Condor
Abigail Noble and Martin Weinstein   A Resurgent Left in Latin America: Implications for the Region and U.S. Policy

Debate: Atrocities in Palestine?


"Deborah," a Radioplay
by Carmen Francesca Banciu


Hans Sahl: Memoirs of a Moralist
Hans Sahl: Profile
Hans Sahl: Memoir

Logosonline 2005
spring 2005

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