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volume four - issue four


Iran and the West: Showdown or Impasse?

Stephen Eric Bronner   Twilight in Tehran
James Jennings   The Geo-Strategic Position of Iran
Mike Simmons   A Critical Look at Science in Iran

Statement of US Academics for Peace

Dissecting Empire:
A Conversation with Rashid Khalidi

Suheir Hammad, "a prayer band"
Thomas Sayers Ellis, "Groovallegiance"
Lorraine Healy, "Where They Were"
Stephen Paul Miller, from "I’m Trying to Get My Phony Baloney Ideas about Metamodernism into a Poem"

Books and Ideas
Review Essay

Beyond Chutzpah, by Norman Finkelstein
reviewed by Matthew Abraham

The Lost One: The Life of Peter Lorre, by Stephen D. Youngkin
reviewed by Warren Leming

The Myths of Zionism, by John Rose
reviewed by Emad El-Din Marei Aysha
A Sharpening of the Knives, by Neil Bolton
reviewed by Desmond MacNamara

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fall 2005

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