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volume five - issue three


Pedro Mir
Translated by Jonathan Cohen

Film Review: V for Vendetta - Graphic Enough?
by Kurt Jacobsen

Review Essay: Mark Crispin Miller's Fooled Again: How the Right Stole the 2004 Election & Why They'll Steal the Next One Too (Unless We Stop Them)
by Lauren Langman

Review Essay: Three Books on Terrorism
by Gerald Meyerle


A Man Without a Country,
by Kurt Vonnegut
reviewed by Erik Grayson
Predatory States: Operation Condor and Covert War in Latin America
by J. Patrice McSherry

reviewed by Silvia Borzutzky
The Missing Peace: The Inside Story of the Fight for Middle East Peace,
by Dennis Ross
reviewed by Ann M. Lesch
Warfare State: Britain, 1920-1970, by David Edgerton
reviewed by Alex Barder

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