a journal of modern society & culture
winter 2008

volume seven - issue one



Menachem Klein   Israel-Palestine: The Continuing Debacle
Stephen Eric Bronner   Who Are the Palestinians Now?
Dick Howard   American Democracy after Bush
Frank Kirkland   Is Hegel Relevant Today?
Thomas E. Peterson   Alberto Moravia at 100
Janos Kelemen   Defending Lukács
Bernd Nitzschke   Reflections on Wilhelm Reich
Ulrich Grothus   Thomas Mann's Doktor Faustus
Erik Grayson   Remembering Norman Mailer

Two Poems by James Scully
"There is no Truth to the Rumor"
"Donatello's Version"

Review Essays

Lawrence Davidson on Mearsheimer
and Walt's
The Israel Lobby

Richard Couto on the Bush Administration



American Fascists: The Christian Right and
the War on America
, by Chris Hedges
reviewed by Gregory Zucker

 Are Americans Becoming More Peaceful?
by Paul Joseph reviewed by Alexander D. Barder

Young Stalin by Simon Sebag Montefiore

reviewed by Ian Williams

Challenging Authority: How Ordinary People Change
by Frances Fox Piven
reviewed by
Fred Block

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winter 2008

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